Friday, January 27, 2017

Talent Submission Page 5 (2016)

PAGE FIVE (3 panels)____________________

Panel 1: Vertical panel of the SUV on top of a telephone poll. On the windshield are the painted words “Don’t Come Back.”
1. BAD GUY 2:                 The boss ain’t gonna be happy about this.
2. BAD GUY 1:                 Ya think!?!

Panel 2: Int. Mom’s car. Mom talks to the little boy.

1. MOM:                         Whatcha got there, honey?

Panel 3: Big panel of the boy reading a “Superior” comic. We can see the cover. On the cover is Superior leaving a bad guy on top of a telephone pole. Superior tells the bad guy, “And don’t ever come back!”
1. LITTLE BOY:                 Nothin’. Just something I thought I lost.


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