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Baby Announcement Option #1

So it looks like these two are makin' a baby. (Apologies to Episode I)

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Hard at Work...Seriously

Yesterday was a very "prolific" Saturday for me. The day started early. 6:00am early. The missus was the teacher sponsor for the Kate Sullivan fifth grade Mini Mu competition all day at Chiles High School. We woke up like any other day. I decided to work on two baby announcements for our friends who are expecting this summer. I illustrated their wedding program as a parody of the "Empire Strikes Back" poster. I thought it would be fun (for me at least) to make the announcement in another "Star Wars" style poster. I thought of a riff on the Episode 1 teaser poster while Ramjoe threw in his idea for something a little more "Return of the Jedi." I decided to do both. If I were professional, I'd spend this time working on a parody portrait that I was commissioned to do last week. I followed this particular muse instead. I'll post those over the next couple of days. (Don'y worry! I worked on the Parody Portrait too.)

While the wife was away, the boys sure did play! The boys were getting restless at the VBC so I decided that we should all go down to Cobb Bowl (shoot hoops at KS and slide down the hill on cardboard.) While they were doing this, I could finally film Ramjoe for an upcoming issue of Flash Trotter. I started the plotting process for Flash Trotter #4 last month. I don't really write anything down so much as I scribble little storyboards. Without giving too much away, Flash Trotter finds himself tied up to a post in a snake pit. I wanted him have to use his ingenuity to escape on his own. The entire sequence I had/have planned involves Flash emptying the contents of his satchel and trying to use them to get free. I didn't know exactly how it would work, so I "tied" Ramjoe up and tried to get him to escape as realistically as possible. This was as eye opening and MIND opening as I hoped it would be and it all culminated in the above image. As usual, the reality simplified things that I over complicated in my mind (my trademark!) and Ramjoe came up with some interesting solutions. And he did it all in nine minutes. Never a dull day at the Penn house.

I didn't read to the boys last night. That makes 97 & 112.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Kate Sullivan 2015 Yearbook (Back Cover)

The wife said she needed this fifteen minutes ago. Originally, I stopped by KS a week or two ago to get photos of the croc studying in the media center. I made the fatal mistake of stopping by the wife's classroom to say hi. I told her my plan (only after she asked) and she instantly came up with a new one. One that would require other people and their opinions. Ugh! So now, here I am scrambling for anything. Any guesses where this "idea" came from?

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