Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Well this is embarassing...

Like most bloggers (I'd imagine) I started this blog with the best intentions. I wanted to keep a journal when my first son was born. Something he could read and reflect on in the future. There have been many times in the past when my wife would ask my mom about me when I was a baby and her stock answer quickly became, "I really don't recall." I didn't want that to happen with me. When my future daughter-in-law asks: did P##### sleep well as a baby? When did he first get his teeth? In what order? When did he first start standing up? I'd have an answer. This was my intent with this blog.

That was five years ago.

Sooo, when Kid #2 was born, I figured NOW was the perfect time. And dammit, I DID start a blog last August around the time of Kid#2's birth.

That was ten months ago.

So, here I am now, Summer 2010. School's out. Little P goes to camp. Wife hits the gym (Gold's) and Big D is a teething, crawlin' smilin' machine. Good times. I JUST finished coloring and lettering "Codename: VooDoo Chyl'" and will now post a page a day in the hopes that this turns into part of my daily routine. I will be posting them in reverse order, so that in thirty days, you will be able to scroll down and read the entire comic in it's sequential glory.

Please bear with me during these growing pains and listen to these seemingly random plot developments that occur during this artist's life. Without further adu (sp?)...