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Back in 2006 (Page 1)

Seeing as how I just had my second short story printed in an issue of Savage Dragon, I figured I'd take the time to share the first one. Here is page 1 in all of it's pencilled and inked glory. This ended up being my first published comic book "job." I was really into reference back in 2006.

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Savage Dragon 237!

    So here it is: The newest issue of Savage Dragon featuring art in a back-up story by yours truly. I've been buying Savage Dragon since day 1! And I've following creator Erik Larsen longer than that! I had the honor of having my first published comic book art appear in  an issue of Savage Dragon (#130 to be exact; about ten years ago.) As a fan of anniversaries, I realized that Mr. Larsen was approaching #230(!) back in December. As a new year dawned, I kind of invited myself to the party by writing and pencilling a back-up story featuring the Deadly Duo (the stars  of my last back-up story ten years ago). They had appeared in the book for years, I think they open themselves up for some PG-13/R Rated humor. I'll have to post pages from that old story sometime in the future.
    I guess Mr. Larsen liked it enough and remembered me, and wondered id I'd be interested in drawing a different back-up story that another artist kind of dropped the ball on. Of course I said "yes" and proceeded to draw thumbnails. I really wanted to impress him by how much better I've gotten as an artist over the last ten years. He tore those up. I got a free master class in "clarity of story telling" and "dynamism." So that was cool. After I fixed those thumbnails, I saved time by enlarging them in non-photo blue so I could go straight to inks. That didn't take too long considering my life outside of comics. The part that always takes me a longer time than it should is coloring. I really wanted to bring on local Tallahassee colorist Dash Martin to color the pages. He had worked in the Savage Dragon universe before me and wanted to dip back in. Unfortunately, by the time March rolled in, I was knee-deep mural planning, Youth Art Month, and Spring Break vacations. Dash had his own commitments too. In order to speed him along, I decided to "flat" the pages. Once Dash had some free time, he colored the pages in record time while we were vacationing in New York. He pumped them out in three or four days. He texted me the final colors while I sat waiting for the post credit scene in Ant-man and the Wasp. Those pages put just as big a smile on my face as a multi-million dollar superhero movie. They look great! If you don't believe me, go get yourself a copy. (Mature Readers only!)

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