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Baby Announcement Option #1

So it looks like these two are makin' a baby. (Apologies to Episode I)

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Hard at Work...Seriously

Yesterday was a very "prolific" Saturday for me. The day started early. 6:00am early. The missus was the teacher sponsor for the Kate Sullivan fifth grade Mini Mu competition all day at Chiles High School. We woke up like any other day. I decided to work on two baby announcements for our friends who are expecting this summer. I illustrated their wedding program as a parody of the "Empire Strikes Back" poster. I thought it would be fun (for me at least) to make the announcement in another "Star Wars" style poster. I thought of a riff on the Episode 1 teaser poster while Ramjoe threw in his idea for something a little more "Return of the Jedi." I decided to do both. If I were professional, I'd spend this time working on a parody portrait that I was commissioned to do last week. I followed this particular muse instead. I'll post those over the next couple of days. (Don'y worry! I worked on the Parody Portrait too.)

While the wife was away, the boys sure did play! The boys were getting restless at the VBC so I decided that we should all go down to Cobb Bowl (shoot hoops at KS and slide down the hill on cardboard.) While they were doing this, I could finally film Ramjoe for an upcoming issue of Flash Trotter. I started the plotting process for Flash Trotter #4 last month. I don't really write anything down so much as I scribble little storyboards. Without giving too much away, Flash Trotter finds himself tied up to a post in a snake pit. I wanted him have to use his ingenuity to escape on his own. The entire sequence I had/have planned involves Flash emptying the contents of his satchel and trying to use them to get free. I didn't know exactly how it would work, so I "tied" Ramjoe up and tried to get him to escape as realistically as possible. This was as eye opening and MIND opening as I hoped it would be and it all culminated in the above image. As usual, the reality simplified things that I over complicated in my mind (my trademark!) and Ramjoe came up with some interesting solutions. And he did it all in nine minutes. Never a dull day at the Penn house.

I didn't read to the boys last night. That makes 97 & 112.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Kate Sullivan 2015 Yearbook (Back Cover)

The wife said she needed this fifteen minutes ago. Originally, I stopped by KS a week or two ago to get photos of the croc studying in the media center. I made the fatal mistake of stopping by the wife's classroom to say hi. I told her my plan (only after she asked) and she instantly came up with a new one. One that would require other people and their opinions. Ugh! So now, here I am scrambling for anything. Any guesses where this "idea" came from?

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Turkey Trot 2014

Abysmal time. This is my third and last run with a kid/kids.

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Creature Design

Can you name the references?

Monday, October 13, 2014

Flash Trotter #4 Thumbnails

These came to me during church yesterday. Either God is working through me, or I was day dreaming like crazy. Probably day dreaming.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

More Filming Today

This is for Mighty Morphin' Sith Hunter. We haven't really worked on this in a while.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

King Kong, 1988

Obviously I'm running out of things to post. Hopefully that will change soon. I'm currently "writing" Flash Trotter #4 which isn't very exciting to post about. In the mean time, here's a King Kong movie my brother and I made twenty six years ago today. It's our follow up to our Superman Movie. It's an adaptation of the 1976 version.
It's terrible.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

CW Flash Premier

My inner 12 year old is hoping lightning strikes twice.

Friday, October 3, 2014

More Researchin'

This is NOT exciting.

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Rehearsal before Chuck's Birthday Bowling

Rehearsal before Chuck's Birthday Bowling (yeah! That's what I just said.) Boys are spending the night tonight. Didn't read to them 93& 108

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FT Cover #4, part 6

This is pushing two weeks. Waaay too long to keep my interest.

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FT Cover #4, part 5

This is taking a longer time than normal. Free time been taken by catching up on my grade book and prepping for other assignments.

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