Friday, February 28, 2014

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Killer Crocs (T-shirt #3)

So here's this years softball t-shirt design. The first Killer Crocs shirt was almost abstract in it's simplicity (and I had nothing to do with it besides being the older brother of one of the designers), while the second one was very cartoony. This third one is depicts a more realistic evolution. Basically, I just traced a photo with a sharpie pen.
    Wifey-poo told me a week ago, that she wanted the t-shirt design and yearbook pages done by the end of the (next) weekend. There, I now have a week-long deadline. By Friday night, she was uber-pissed that I hadn't started. Instead, she saw me working on refined "Boy of Steel" story boards, and coloring Flash Trotter #2 pages. She "hates" to see me obsess over these pages because it's not a job. She (and most people) don't/doesn't understand, that I obsess over them BECAUSE it isn't a job.
    Why it's not job: I don't get paid for it and there is NO deadline. On the surface, she's completely right. As always. My thought is, some one "could" buy it someday, and by having no deadline, it's taken over eleven years to get THIS far (I still need to finish coloring it, lettering/scripting, finishing touches, and pre-press.) So when it's Friday night, and I'm pushing myself to finish coloring Flash Trotter #2, the wife blows a fuse because I haven't done the yearbook pages or the softball shirt designs. In my mind, I've still got two more days: Saturday=yearbook stuff; Sunday=t-shirt stuff. Which I can say, in hindsight, I finished. There goes the poor missus getting upset over nothing. As always.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Yearbook Background Options

On top of trying finish coloring Flash Trotter #2-3, the ol' missus wanted a custom backdrop for the Kate Sullivan yearbook pages. The first thought was to go with a menu backdrop the stick with the cooking theme. I looked at a bunch of different menus, but they all looked very busy. I went with a plain black and white. I recreated a basic menu board, but we quickly realized it was in visual conflict with the photos and names of the students and faculty. I went with the one on the far right. She seemed happy with that...until she figured out I still hadn't done the shirt for our softball team.

I'll share that tomorrow.

(and I filled up the tank yesterday)

Saturday, February 1, 2014