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Art Direction: Backdrops (2018)


Ever since I moved to Killeran Lakes Elementary, I haven't needed to work on backdrop for any of the schools' productions. The music teacher and her husband have gotten every performance down to a science. Well this year, the Missus has been given the drama department at Deerlake Middle School (in addition to her teaching science and math!) Her first production is Cinderella and the Substitute Fairy Godmother. I will handling backdrops and working back stage. Half of the cast had me for their art teacher since third grade. I haven't had to work on backdrops in a while. I really want my wife to blow everyone away!

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SkyDiving 2018

Cashing in on a belated birthday Groupon.

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Twenty Years Ago...(Madison's Ave. #1, Page 22)

I took another day off of reading to the boys last night: 261&285 (In part because I turned 40 yesterday.)