Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Talent Submission Page 4 (2016)

PAGE FOUR (6 panels)____________________

Panel 1: Int. of mom’s car. Mom holds her head as she groggily comes to. Her son is calling her name off panel

1. MOM:                uuugh…
2. SFX:                 MOM! MOM! MOM!

Panel 2: Car Int. Mom turns around to calm her hysterical son.
2. MOM:                         Thanks for wearing your seatbelt. I’m fine, but I’m afraid the car is…

Panel 3: Close up of the gas tank indicator pointing to the full “F.”
1. MOM:               …

Panel 4: Mom stares in disbelief. The little boy in the back seat asks:
1. LITTLE BOY:                 Can we just go? Please?
2. MOM:                         …is…

Panel 5: Exterior shot of the car. The car looks completely normal (give or take a slightly off kilter bumper.)
1. MOM:                         Uh yeah…

Panel 6: The car speeds down the road in a cloud of dust. In the foreground, we car see the SUV’s driver side mirror. But the perspective is a little wonky. (Because the SUV is now thirty feet in the air! Revealed on the next page!)

1. MOM:                         Yeah. That’s seems like a good idea.

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