Saturday, January 21, 2017

Talent Submission Page 2 (2016)

PAGE TWO (6_panels)____________________

Panel 1: Reveal of our hero, Huck! He looks a little confused in the distance of the racing cars. He holds the comic book facing us (we can partially see that it is an issue of Superior.
1. HUCK:                        Hm?
Panel 2: Small panel: close up of the empty gas tank “E” blinking on the dashboard.

Panel 3: Vertical panel! Ext. Dusty country road. Mom’s car in the foreground. SUV in pursuit. A row of telephone polls along the side of the road recede back into the distance. On the horizon, we can barely make out the gas station.

Panel 4: The SUV bumps into the back of the car sending it…

Panel 5: …CRASHING into a telephone poll!
1. SFX:                          CRASH!

Panel 6: In the foreground, the SUV door opens. We can see the driver’s leg and arm as he emerges from the SUV. (Maybe we can see the gun in his hand.) In the background, we can see the mom’s car crashed into the poll. Steam pours from the front of the car. (The car SHOULD NOT be completely smashed to bits.)

1. BAD GUY 1:                 Heh. Heh. Heh.

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