Thursday, January 19, 2017

Talent Submission Page 1 (2016)

So another year comes and goes for the MillarWorld Talent search. For the last two years MillarWorld has been holding a contest looking for writers and artists to collaborate on stories for the follow years annual. I posted comic book art samples from Flash Trotter #4 both years and never heard back. I also entered as a writer. For the next few posts (five) I will be showing those pages. In the past, my imagination gets the better of me and I desperately hang all of my hopes and dreams and future happiness on what would happen if I win. Thankfully I’m in a good place in life and things are always busy enough to not think about winning or losing.  Part of that is the wisdom that comes from experience knowing that the results of the contest are not a huge part of life and that art is subjective. I’m just not what they were looking for. Oh well. I still have “Top Five Teacher of the Year.”

Running on Empty
Written by Billy Penn

This is basically a five page story on a kid how loses his prized comic book. The secretive way it is returned to him is mirrored by the cover of this cherished book.

Notes to penciler/colorist:
*This is only a five page story and we have a lot of room to cover with limited real estate on the page. I’m thinking this will take about 30 panels in all.

*Feel free to expand/delete/consolidate any panels as you see fit. Use these sketches as a springboard. See what works and improve things that could work better. However, DO NOT break the page turns. These tend to be important.

*Feel free to design the characters any way you see fit. Ethnicity doesn’t matter. Clothing and what type of cars the characters drive is not a big deal either. Just make sure the bad guys have a more imposing vehicle than the mom.

Feel free to email any questions or concerns (or praise) to

On to the story…

Running on Empty
Billy Penn /  and you

PAGE ONE (8 panels)_____________________

Panel 1: Interior of a gas station convenience store. A little boys stands in front of a comic book spinner rack. He’s excited that he found an issue he had a hard time finding.
1. LITTLE BOY:                 Yus!

Panel 2: Little Boy holds his comic while we see the store clerk holding his cash. The boy is talking excitedly while we hear the Ding-a-ling of the door as new customer enters.
1. LITTLE BOY:                 I’ve been lookin’ all over for this one!
 1. SFX:                          DING! DING!

Panel 3: Wide shot of the entire convenience store. Mom has come in panicked! She grabs the boy by the arm.
1. MOM:                         Breaks over! We’ve got to go…NOW!
2. LITTLE BOY:                 But Mom…

Panel 4: Gas station exterior shot. Mom hurries her son to the car. The boy drops his new comic book on the asphalt.
1. MOM:                         No buts! I don’t know how they found us, but they found us!

Panel 5: Mom sits in the front seat while the boy hops in the back. Outside the window, we see a nondescript attendant (HUCK!) holding the gasoline nozzle.
1. MOM:                         A LOT quicker this time! I didn’t give them enough credit. Stupid!

Panel 6 7,&8: Small identical panels. Huck on the left, stands half in shadows. We still can’t see his face.

Panel 6: Huck stands with the pump in his hand. The mom’s car speeds away. The comic lays on the ground next to Huck.
1. HUCK:                        Wait ma’am! I didn’t fill up…your…

Panel 7: Huck continues to stand in a cloud of dust.
1. HUCK:                        …gas…tank.
Panel 8: Huck bends over to pick up the comic book off the ground next to him. In the background, a big black SUV zooms past.

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