Saturday, November 21, 2015

Talent Submission Page 5

PAGE FIVE (8 panels)____________________

Panel 1: Duke McQueen stands in the background, holding his gun by the barrel like a baseball bat. In the foreground, Royal Guard 2 (his back is facing Duke McQueen) holds a rock; he looks up at KING PTERADAXAN  (out of frame) terrified!
1. DUKE MCQUEEN:         Throw that rock at me as hard as you can!

Panel 2: Royal Guard 2 throws the rock.


Panel 3: Duke McQueen hits the rock like a Louisville Slugger!
1. SFX:         CRAK!

Panel 4: The rock collides with KING PTERADAXAN’s head. (Maybe show KING PTERADAXAN  dropping the Zarnel Crystal towards the bottom of the frame.)
1. SFX:         SMAK-OW!

Panel 5: Royal Guard 2in the foreground talks to Duke McQueen. Duke holds the Zarnel Crystal (glowing glass soccer ball) as he steps over the dragon’s tail.
1. ROYAL GUARD 2:          I can’t believe you killed that thing with just a rock!
2. DUKE MCQUEEN:         WE did. You’ve got a helluva arm.

Panel 6: Back to Earth. Back to Dad Duke McQueen talking to his sons; coffee in one hand, rolled up newspaper under his armpit. His two boys stand in the background.
1. DUKE MCQUEEN:         With the Crystal retrieved, Queen Attala was able to broker a peace treaty with the Zarnelli’s.
2. LARRY MCQUEEN:         Yeah right, dad.

Panel 7: Larry and Ralph standing next to each other. Neither boy looks amused.
1. RALPH MCQUEEN:         Nice story. Now are you going to help us get the ball down?
Panel 8: Duke McQueen looks over his shoulder at his boys. He sips from his coffee mug. Now he’s the one not amused.
1. DUKE MCQUEEN:         That thing? No way. I mean c’mon-
2. DUKE MCQUEEN:         -it’s a soccer ball.

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