Thursday, November 19, 2015

Talent Submission Page 4

PAGE FOUR (5 panels)____________________

Panel 1: KING PTERADAXAN (off panel) blasts at our two heroes. Duke “All-American” tackles Royal Guard 2 out of the way of the blast. Duke’s energy rifle disintegrates in the plume of fire. Show Royal Guard 2’s energy rifle flying away from the tackle.

1. DUKE MCQUEEN:                  Look out!

Panel 2: Duke and Royal Guard 2 are on the ground. Duke has his arm over the guard protectively.
1. DUKE MCQUEEN:         You didn’t tell me it breathes fire!
2. ROYAL GUARD 2:         No one’s ever made it to a Pterdaxan nest and lived to tell!

Panel 3: Duke McQueen runs and dodges energy blast after energy blast. He looks exactly like the All-American Heisman Trophy!
1. DUKE MCQUEEN:         Terrific.

Panel 4: Multiple exposure shot (like when there are multiple shots of Spider-man jumping through the city in one panel). At least three Duke McQueens: One diving, one rolling/energy rifle grabbing, one on his knee aiming the gun at us. Show multiple plumes of fire blasts in the background.

Panel 5: Tiny insert panel of a close-up of the gun barrel shorting out. It sparks indicating that it WILL. NOT. WORK.
1. SFX:         BZT BZT BZZZzz

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