Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Talent Submission Page 3

PAGE THREE (2 panels)___________________

Panel 1: Small panel. We see the top half of Duke’s face as he peeks over the edge of a cliff cave. His arm is over the edge. All we see of Royal Guard 2 is the top half of his head and his gigantic, terrified eyes!
1. DUKE MCQUEEN:         Ah-ha! There it is.

Panel 2: Almost a splash page. This panel is HUGE to accommodate the colossal KING PTERADAXAN! He dominates the frame as a dragon-man/monster! He is clutching the Zarnel Crystal (think glowing crystal soccer ball.) It looks like a little pearl in his humungous fingers. Smoke is billowing from his mouth and nostrils. Duke McQueen and Royal Guard 2 occupy the bottom corners of the page.

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