Friday, September 16, 2016

Parody Portrait #50 (inks)

Schools having year long theme is kind of a newish phenomenon to me. Like me, you might be wondering, "What do schools need a theme for? Shouldn't 'Study Hard' or 'Get Good Grades' or even 'Learn As Much As You Can' be enough?" No. You would be wrong.Sometime during the summer, the superintendent  held a principals meeting. The theme of the meeting was Super-Heroes. It turns out that a lot of principals brought that idea back to their schools and adopted it as there theme for the year.  Participating schools include Roberts Elementary, my Alma Mater, Kate Sullivan Elementary, and my current gig Killearn Lakes Elementary. Some teachers know that I dabble in these comic book "Parody Portraits" and have asked for some for their classrooms this year. However, most don't want to pay the normal asking price which I think is fair. Not to mention, when one teacher shows her portrait to his/her friends, then the whole team wants one. So this year has kind of snow balled. To save myself time, and my clients some money, I've resorted to photo backgrounds. Thanks to modern cartoons like "The Amazing World of Gumball" and "Son of Zorn" I think these look pretty good (IMHO)
First up is the Administration from Kate Sullivan. I completed these in Late July.

The boys spent the night at VBC so I didn't read to them last night:172&192

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