Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Metropolis Vacation (part1)

I HATE the idea being the center of the Big Family Summer Vacation. I submitted the “Boy of Steel” movie we made last year into the Superman Fan Film Contest in Metropolis Illinois. It was accepted and I was given the screening schedule for the movies. The Missus decided to make this our Big Family Summer Vacation. I can’t stand the idea of driving more than ten hours to see a seven-minute movie in a small town the same size as Thomasville, Ga. (twenty minute drive north.) So I consider this the Big Family Summer Vacation to St. Louis with a cute little detour to Metropolis Illinois.

Day 1 (Wednesday)
We took two cars and kept the boys separated as much as possible. We drove seven hours to Athens, Alabama. The Missus did most (99%) of the driving. We ate lunch at a Wendy’s in Ozark, AL. We ended the day at a hotel in Birmingham and ate dinner at a local joint called 306 BBQ.

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