Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Happy Anniversary to ME!

Today marks a special occasion for me. It’s the fifth anniversary of my blog! On June 30, 2010 I forced myself to update my blog every day. It started out as an effort to be more productive and STAY productive. It was also a way to force me write something, ANYTHING, once a day. Well, that didn’t pan out. By December 2010 I was running out of steam. By the end of the first year, I was running out of stuff to post. I ended the year with videos from the Penn Productions Vault (a tradition I’ve kept up with ever since. ) After July 2011, I’ve steadily been posting every other day. (Some days I miss and have to put a “squat post” which I then go back and fill after the fact.) I did this strictly for me and only me but now I’m inviting you guys to check it out. Laugh at the typos, wonder why I don’t use tumblr or instagram, scratch you head at the little numbers at the bottom of some of the posts, but most of all enjoy!

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